Plastic Beerglasses

The plastic beer glasses from are unbreakable, reusable and recyclable. has sustainability as an important spearhead. Another big advantage is that the beer glasses are dishwasher safe and can be rinsed up to 500+ times.

A nice cold, refreshing beer in the sun. Who doesn't like that? Beer should of course in the right matching glasses, has a wide range of quality plastic glasses have. Drink from these glasses your beer for fun!

Anyone who orders beer with a group of people on a terrace will have noticed. Everyone with a different beer gets a different glass! But why is this? And what kind of beer glasses go with the different types? We looked it up for you and came up with two different explanations!

The style rules for beer glasses are not as strict as the requirements for what constitutes a type of beer, but at the same time there are some maxims that make it easier to choose the right glass. First, the shape of the beer glass has a big influence on the smell and taste of the beer. With a glass with a convex shape the aromas mix with each other and you can smell that at the top. That's why bock beer is drunk from such a glass. The narrower top also makes for a nice, good head.

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We offer the largest range of durable high quality plastic glasses that you can order by the piece. These glasses are literally unbreakable and last very long. Our high quality plastic glasses are almost indistinguishable from glass. Look for yourself at our plastic champagne glasses or plastic cocktail glasses. Are you organizing a party or an event or is it just for home use? Then our plastic glasses are extremely ideal. Our plastic glasses can be reused many times, so we can all help to reduce the "plastic waste mountain". We have done our best to classify all glasses for you as clear as possible so you can easily choose your favorite plastic glasses. If you still have questions, then we are of course always there for you.

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