Plastic Cocktail glasses

A nice cocktail on the beach, on the terrace, during a party or just in the backyard. Everyone loves it. There are many different cocktails, and there are often matching cocktail glasses. The plastic cocktail glasses from are unbreakable, reusable and recyclable. All glasses are also dishwasher safe.

Each cocktail glass has its advantages, by far the most famous cocktail glass is the old fashioned Martini glass. Elegant glass that fits comfortably in the hand. Because of the stand your hand will not get cold and your cocktail will not get warm. This is a thin glass, so do not use ice in it. The Hurricane or Sling cocktail glass is large in both shape and content. A cocktail served in this glass will keep you busy for quite some time! The Tumbler, also known as a whiskey glass, is a sturdy, masculine glass. Ideal for a cocktail on the rocks or a sour cocktail. This longdrink cocktail glass has a narrow waist and is therefore very suitable for cocktails stirred with fizzy soda in it. Due to its high and slender shape, the bubbles can only rise to the top.

The advantage of the wine glasses of is that you don't have to clean and polish the wine glasses in a special way. That's because all plastic wine glasses of are made of sturdy polycarbonate. The wine glasses are unbreakable, reusable and recyclable.

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We offer the largest range of durable high quality plastic glasses that you can order by the piece. These glasses are literally unbreakable and last very long. Our high quality plastic glasses are almost indistinguishable from glass. Look for yourself at our plastic champagne glasses or plastic cocktail glasses. Are you organizing a party or an event or is it just for home use? Then our plastic glasses are extremely ideal. Our plastic glasses can be reused many times, so we can all help to reduce the "plastic waste mountain". We have done our best to classify all glasses for you as clear as possible so you can easily choose your favorite plastic glasses. If you still have questions, we are of course always there for you.

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