Our plastic glasses are indistinguishable from real glass. They are literally unbreakable and last a very long time. This is due to the exceptional quality of our plastic glasses. In order to be able to (continue to) guarantee this quality, it is important that plastic glass, just like real glass, is treated properly. We would therefore like to give you some usage tips for long-term preservation of the quality of your plastic glasses.


- Rinse the glasses before using for the first time.
- Our glasses are dishwasher proof.
- Dry the glasses with a tea towel after use.
- Treat our glasses like real glass.



- Beware of overexposure to citrus juices and Pastis drinks.
- Avoid overexposure to sunscreen.
- Do not use cleaning products that can cause scratches (e.g. steel wool brushes and scourers).

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